Can’t Afford Gold and Silver? Invest in Food

If you can’t afford to buy silver and gold right now, consider an investment in food. A food reserves program can protect your family from inflation and as an eFoods IBO you can build cash reserves while you store more food.

Gold vs. Food

As the economic outlook continues to paint a grim picture for families, many experts suggest that silver and gold are a safe haven for your wealth and possibly a way to take advantage of the “Greatest Wealth Transfer”in the history of man. Unfortunately, for many security minded families, the cash-flow needed to purchase gold and silver is not always and option. eFoods Global offers a solution that can help families increase cash reserves and food reserves at the same time.

The best place to start, if your looking to improve outlook for success in the current economic climate is to invest in your education about what is happening, how it will affect you, and your options to act on the information you gain.


Learn More About the World Economy at is a great source for information on gold and silver and the curent cycles of world wealth. If you sign up for a free membership you’ll have access to many, many great training and information videos. I’d highly encourage anyone that is interested in getting a good background on the current world economy to sign up for membership HERE and check out: Protect Yourself and Thrive


But what if you don’t have extra money to invest?
What if your money is tied up in a 501K or 403B that can’t be touched?
How can you protect your family and prepare for uncertain times with a limited income?
Is it better to invest in precious metals or to invest in the essentials of survival? I’d like to invest money in gold, but the unfortunate reality is that I don’t have that kind of flexibility with my income. What choices do I have?

For whatever reason (jobless, medical bills, college tuition, just plain broke…) there are many out there that are not in a position to “preserve wealth” through investments in silver and gold. While this may be true, the reality is that there are still actions you can take to position yourself to survive and thrive.

Having a good  long-term  food storage plan is a great way to invest in the future. After all, you can’t eat gold, and if it comes down to your last meal or your last piece of silver– I think you’d choose food.
The Urban Survival Guide has some sound advice about the investment hierarchy and determining when to invest in gold vs. food. Think about it, food, shelter, and water. These are the most valuable commodities out there when it comes to security.

Plan for and start your food reserves program today.

There are many options for storing and saving food. You can start at the local grocery store and visit one of the many food storage sites on the internet.

My family’s plan to invest in food was to become an IBO (Independent Business Operator) through eFoods Global. We were looking for a good source of storable food and a way to supplement our income (so we can pay down our debt and possibly purchase some wealth preserving assets like gold and silver). For a minimal investment of $30, we were able to start our own food business. Really, $30 to start a business is a small risk– most families spend this amount on routine visits to fast food restaurants- skip one visit to Micky D’s and you can start your own business!  (This helps us in a number of ways– potential income source, business tax breaks, discounted pricing on food, etc.) Then we buy $100 worth of food each month to supplement our current food budget, build our food reserves program and maintain our active business. eFoods provides high quality packaged food with a 15 year shelf life. When times get tough, we can count on our food investment… you can too.

Rollriver eFoods

No matter what your circumstances are, there are things you can do to improve your position for success. Start with learning… there are endless resources available to help you understand what is happening and to give you ideas on how to proceed. The absolute worst situation you can get yourself into is one of hopelessness and inaction– or to count on other entities to take care of you.

Do yourself and your family a favor and make plans to address the coming economic crisis and take action today.

Mike WebbAbout Mike Webb
Mike Webb is a husband, father, fisher, friend, educator, home businessman, thinker, & dreamer. I live in Anchorage, Alaska with my wife and 5 children. We eat, sleep, work, play, go to church and try to get by the best we can.

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